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The Cheadle Kickboxing club in Stockport is but one small cog in the organisation that is North West Chinese KickBoxing. There are clubs all over the North West of England including Stockport, with the central gym based in Chorlton, South Manchester. Under Chief Instructor, Chris Boughey, 7th Degree Black Belt and 4th Degree Black Sash Lau Gar Kung Fu. The club offers a number of specific classes for practitioners throughout the association.

There is a sparring class every Sunday 10-30 to 12-00 at the Chorlton gym, and a squad session for competitors and those wishing to compete every third Saturday at St Werburgh’s church hall in Chorlton 14-00 to 15-30. Sparring coach Rick Allsop runs the squad sessions. Any club member can attend these sessions but they must have a valid licence. Equipment is available for the junior grades at the classes but not at the squad sessions. For advice on the necessary equipment click here. Members wishing to learn to spar with a view to competing should have a word with one of the instructors.

The weapons class, teaching traditional skills with knife, sticks, broadsword, staff, butterfly swords, and maybe occasional others, taught by Chris Boughey, is held at Chorlton every third Sunday 17-30 to 19-00. Numbers are restricted and interested students should have a word with Pip.

Senior Classes
Black Belt classes are held every third Sunday at St Werburgh’s church hall in Chorlton.

Blue/Purple/Brown Belt classes are held every third Saturday and every third Sunday at the Chorlton Gym. These are aimed at students working towards brown and black belts.

The annual course involves 4-5 hours of specialist techniques. This is held in Spring and is open to all club members.

The annual weekend course is generally in autumn and has 2 days of specialist techniques. There may or may not be significant social drinking!

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